The author is an amateur artist who loves and enjoys his art creation- a lifetime hobby and relaxation. He did not acquire any academic training in art. He was attracted to drawing as fun and entertainment since his childhood. He has a penchant for teaching young children and inspires them to be creative through simple and playful exercise. With his experience and trials, he has trained a number of small children in a homely atmosphere. He strongly believes that a mother is the most appropriate person for bringing out the inner creativity of the child. With that conviction, he has published a model book that will give a practical guide. The reference book is also published in the subdomain of the

I have a noble cause behind this business because I am planning to use the money that I am getting out of this business will invest in the welfare of senior citizens.

Retd. Dr. Raghunath Sahu
(Specialist in Pathology)
Odisha Veterinary Service